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  Dr. Ja'Ola received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Jameson Bible College and was   ordained  a founding Elder of New Covenant Church of Philadelphia in 1986. She received her Masters of Education  in Counselor Education from West Chester State College. 1980. She holds a Bachelors of Arts, in  Psychology from Eastern College, 1976.
  Dr "Ja" received training from the Minnesota Institute for Couples Communication and Certified Parents  Skills Inc. She has served as an adjunct professor at Eastern Baptist Seminary. There she introduced  and taught a class on Ministering out of Wholeness. A class that focused on the emotional and spiritual  health of ministers needed before they try to minister to others.
  She has been teaching since she was a teenager: neighborhood Bible Club teacher, Camp Counselor,  Sunday School teacher.
  She won scholarships to two modeling courses as a teenager (John Robert Powers and Trudy Haynes  Modeling School). She developed a Total Development class for young African American girls.
 She began ministering along with husband even before they were married in P.E.A.C.E. ministries gang  ministry. She and Clarence Walker were married in 1976 and began their first marriage enrichment group  as a young couple when Ja’Ola was 20 years old.
   This ministry grew over 10 years with 12 marriage groups meeting around the city and a singles  ministry. She was the co-director. They developed seminars by teaching Biblical principles for a cure for  depression, anger, fear and then they began teaching marriage seminars in churches all around the area  and then around the nation. 
   The Walkers have been teaching for 25 years and offer a full library of messages on CD and DVD's. One  of Ja’Ola’s most popular and requested message is ‘How To Talk to A Black Man” which deals with the  stereotypic black woman with her hands on her hips, swiveling her neck and telling people off. She gives  Bible principals to help black women realize that life and death are in the power of their tongue and God  wants to use them for healing their communities.  She also teaches ‘Wounded Women to Warrior  Women” teaching woman how to turn their pain into intercessory prayer power. Her teaching is down to  earth, practical, calling people again to God’s standard without compromise. 
   She served as a Founding Elder along with her husband at New Covenant Church of Philadelphia for 10  years, one of the largest churches in the city. 
   She is now the Co-Pastor of Fresh Anointing Christian Center, serving as the Administrative Pastor,  Elder over the Worship branch and is a vital part of this growing , unique ministry for 13 years in Jan  2012.
   Ja'Ola is the author of THE EIGHT POWERS OF A WOMAN, published by Xulon Publishing. She co-  authored FOR CHRISTIAN LOVERS ONLY, marriage curriculum with her husband, published by Urban  Ministries. Ja’Ola is a contributing author to the book, CALLED TO LEAD, by Moody Press.
   Ja’Ola and Clarence have had a daily 5 min radio program on marriage. They have appeared on the  Sheila Walsh program on the 700 Club. And were regular guests once a week on the Peter Waldron  National radio broadcast from Washington D.C. 
   They are BMI recording artists for the song –‘Honorable Marriage” written by Clarence Walker and  performed by Clarence & Ja’Ola . 

    She is the mother of two sons Justin and Arthur.

About Daughters of Destiny Prayer Network

This network began March 1, 2012 with a clarion call in the heart of Dr JaOla as the Lord burdened her to call women to prayer. She had a dream about 15 years ago of women in Africa calling to her, the first trip she made with a missions team from the Fresh Anointing Church was in early March 2012. The Lord reminded her of the dream and led her to call the women of Liberia to prayer. She preached a message years earlier "Wounded Women to Warrior Women" and "Daughters of Destiny". The Lord was putting the pieces of the puzzle together and when she  returned from Liberia it was clear, with a new global mindset, part of her destiny was to call  women from around the world to their royal destiny to impact nations with intercession.

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